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Fars, Shiraz, Iranian culture and civilization
Fars province is one of the southern provinces of the country, which throughout history has always been one of the centers of splendor and expansion of Persian civilization in various parts of the world. Valuable historical buildings such as Pasargad, Takht Jamshid, Bishappur, Gur Shahr and Ardeshir Babkan Palace in Firozabad, etc., represent the brilliant historical culture and civilization of Iran.
This province was the center of large empires of the Achaemenid and Samanian dynasty. Before Islam, two great Iranian kings, named “Korush the Great” and “Ardeshir Babakan”, arose from this area, and respectively, the great Achaemenid dynasties with the capitals of “Pasargad” and “Takht Jamshid” and The Sassanians created “Firouzabad” as their capital. After Islam, this province was the center of the Dilmian, Atabakan, Al-Buye and Zandiye dynasties, and it was one of the important government centers during the Qajar era

Why choose

Apadana Hotel, Persepolis

  • Has a parking lot
  • Has a lobby
  • Has a restaurant
  • one floor
  • It has 17 rooms
  • green space
  • Short distance from Persepolis
  • 40 km from Shiraz
  • Experience in hospitality

The background of the hotel

Welcome to Persepolis Apadana Hotel Persepolis Apadana Hotel is located in Fars province, 40 kilometers from Shiraz city and in Mardasht city. The significance of this hotel is its location in the historical site of Persepolis and its short distance from this complex, and due to the lack of an independent registration file for the building and by examining the registration documents of Persepolis, it is believed that this building is together with the site. Persepolis was registered as a world heritage site in 1358 with registration number 114.

Another reason for the building’s importance is the residence of famous people such as Ernst Herzfeld, Erich Friedrich Schmidt, and David Stronach during the excavation and exploration of Persepolis.

This building with a special historical identity is located in a special location with an area of 10,500 square meters and 1,700 square meters of living space on 2 ground floors and one underground floor on the aqueducts of Marv Dasht, in the heart of a lush garden with authentic vegetation that evokes a paradise in the middle. It is a desert, it is built that staying in this hotel subconsciously connects the soul with the identity of the past and history.

This hotel was originally located in the middle of an adobe wall, and during the preparations for the 2500-year celebrations and the destruction of the walls around the hotel, the building was revealed.

There have been many ups and downs in the operation process of the hotel. In 1348, the Ministry of Culture and Arts decided to give the building to the Takht Jamshid Scientific Foundation so that experts and research teams can stay in this hotel.

Also, according to the natives of the region, during the 2500-year celebration next to the hotel, this building was the residence of guests and invitees and designers of festive tents.

After the establishment of the cultural heritage organization, this building was handed over to the cultural heritage and resumed serving the public.

Also, this building has been restored in several periods, and the last period of restoration was carried out in 1401 by Pasargad Mining Steel Company with an investment amount of 40 billion tomans.

In general, the definition of Apadana hotel is different from the definition of graded hotels, and in fact, the hotel itself has a special location and is located in a special place, and provides people with the opportunity to stay on the historical page of the world record.

Cultural-reception-accommodation complex

Managers and employees of the cultural-hospitality-accommodation complex “Apadana Hotel Takht Jamshid” all have sufficient expertise and knowledge in their field of work, and the newly joined employees also receive the necessary training; Chefs and cooks have a very high skill in cooking and mixing flavors and know and apply all the basic and professional principles (in some dishes); The head hosts and hostesses of the hotel all have experience and professional training, and they consider the complete satisfaction of the guests as their behavioral policy. are themselves, and in line with the implementation of macro policies and its achievement, which is to provide the best level of service and receive the highest level of satisfaction; They will not spare any efforts.

The cultural-hospitality-accommodation complex “Apadana Hotel Takht Jamshed” is part of the prestigious and large holding group “Folad Madan Pasargad”, whose CEO, board members and all managers and senior staff have individual experience and macro-organizational skills of several decades. It has been in various fields of culture, tourism, trade, commerce, export, production and job creation, and this holding has been continuously active in various cultural, commercial and production sectors for more than twelve years.

The cultural-reception-accommodation complex “Apadana Hotel Takht Jamshed” has seventeen rooms with a capacity of 35 people with a luxurious and neoclassical Iranian design, it is the only hotel and accommodation complex in the world heritage area in the country and in the closest distance to the view of the magnificent building of Takht Jamshed. done, you can witness this unique and special vision from your vip and cip rooms. to provide the highest level of comfort for the guests; Also, this complex has a luxury restaurant with a capacity of 60 people, offering the best Iranian food, and a traditional cafe with a capacity of 45 people, with a variety of original teas and drinks, a fast food menu, and hot and cold cafes, and a modern cafe with a capacity of 50 people, with cold bar lines. , hot bar, espresso bar and all kinds of snacks and sweets, as well as a 24-hour lobby cafe with a complete espresso bar menu and Iranian teas and local, Iranian and foreign desserts.

In addition to the unique view of Persepolis, the outside of the hotel is designed like an Iranian garden and an Achaemenid campus and has a variety of old trees and beautiful fountains and pools, which evokes the experience of walking through Iranian history and layout.

The executive policy of the cultural-hospitality-accommodation complex “Apadana Hotel, Persepolis” is aimed at obtaining and receiving the highest level of satisfaction and providing the best multi-star and luxury services to domestic and foreign guests, and all employees and associates of the complex are trained at professional and specialized levels. seen and are ready to provide the best services to their dear guests, because we believe that “Iranian hospitality is a global heritage”.